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Wire Rabbit Cages

Wire Rabbit Cages


Wire rabbit cages are made from iron wires and plastic trays. We mainly provide three kinds of wire bunny cages which respectively are one-story rabbit cages, two-story rabbit houses and multi-level bunny homes.


1. One-story wire rabbit cages are constituted by a large-capacity plastic tray and wire rails. This cage is great for rabbits and guinea pigs. Sometimes, it can be used as breeder cages for puppies, kittens and other small animals as well.
2. Two-story bunny houses are more spacious and funny than the one-story ones. There is a crawling ladder in the cage, which offers space for pet rabbits to move around.
3. Multi-level wire rabbit cages are in maximum size among all the cages. They are still available even when bunnies grow. Slide out tray makes cleaning simple. Besides, removable floor system keeps your pet clean, dry and comfortable.
Yuanyang mainly produces and sells steel wire rabbit cages, dog cages, bird cages, cat cages, hamster cages, aluminum alloy cages, cloth cages and other pet products with different specifications. Products are well designed by our professionals and then put into production. They are all processed by dozens of processes, such as material cutting, welding, inspection of semi-finished products, coating, galvanization, assembly, inspection of finished products, packaging, etc. Only after all strict tests, are the products allowed to be sold to customers.
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