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Bamboo Bird Cages

Bamboo Bird Cages


Bamboo bird cages mainly refer to Chinese bird cages. Our YR series of bamboo cages are in various sizes and shapes. They are exquisitely made from bamboo, which combines birds with natural elements. Besides, these cages are durable because of excellent craft. Unlike the iron ones, bamboo cages look more comfortable and deliver the unique taste. These bamboo bird cages are popularly sold among those who advocate nature and humanity.


1. Bamboo bird cages are lightweight and portable.
2. They can be hanged through hooks on the top.
3. Chinese bird cages are in various shapes, such as cylinder, cuboid, etc. Besides, features of traditional Chinese architecture are applied in designing these cages.
4. Customer can choose bamboo bird cages in suitable size from multiple products.


Use of a cage that is not specifically designed for your bird could result in injury. Consult a pet care guide to determine the appropriate bamboo bird cage for your species of bird.


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