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Small Animal Cages

Small Animal Cages


Small animal cages are not only houses used to accommodate the little pets; they should also be the comfortable homes to puppies, bunnies, kittens, hamsters and other small animals. We provide a series of exquisite animal cages and hutches to your animal companions, such as guinea pig hutches and rabbit cages. Apart from the commonly used pet cages, there are ones specially designed for the rabbits, dogs, kittens, or hamsters.


1. Small animal cages made from various materials are offered for your choices. For example, you can choose bird cages are made of bamboos or iron wires.
2. They are designed according to life habits of different animals, such as that we equip the hamster cages with running wheels, or that we design some bird cages with swings.
3. To make cleaning work convenient, we use slide-out trays in some animal cages.
4. Some cages are designed with multi-level space, which keeps the room spacious even when animals grow up.
5. These small animal cages or hutches are easy to assemble.
6. Doors for these homes make it convenient when pets leave or come in their houses.
Yuanyang is dedicated in design and production of pet supplies, especially of pet cages like dog crates, bird cages, guinea pig hutches, rabbit cages, kitten cages, etc. All kinds of cages are designed in various styles and sizes so that our customers can choose suitable ones for their lovely animal companions. Our products, including small animal cages, are considerately designed to bring a comfortable living environment to the pets. They are widely sold and highly praised by pet raisers.
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