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Wire Bird Cages


Wire bird cages are popular pet products among bird adopters. There is a latch on the top, so you can lift it and fill the bottom with seasonal items like a pillar candle and other arrangements. It is 18-1/2 inches high with a 6-1/2 inches diameter. Apart from accommodating birds, these cages are great pieces for your home décor.


1. The wire bird cage is ideal for housing parakeets, canaries and a variety of other small birds. The removable bottom grille and pull-out drawer allow for easy cleanup.
2. Featuring colorful wire mesh rooftop and matching plastic base, this cage adds an attractive splash of color to your living space while housing your feathered friend comfortably.
3. Swings are designed so that birds get rid of boredom.
4. With hooks on the top, these wire bird cages are convenient to hang.
5. Access doors make it easy to reach in to hold your feathered friend and access the water and feeder cups.
6. Multiple cages in various sizes are offered for option. Cage length ranges from 23 cm to 104.5 cm, width from 18 cm to 88 cm.
7. Customers can choose favorable styles from various wire bird cages, such as arch roof cages, gabled roof cages, flat roof cages, doomed roof cages, etc.

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