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Dog Crate Covers

Dog Crate Covers


Dog crate cover is used to slip over the crate to provide a relaxing and comfortable environment for the dogs. It is a key piece to protect the pet from crate related injuries. Dog cage cover offers proper ventilation and can be used with 1, 2 or 3 door crates. It allows entrance and access from multiple sides. Dog crate cover also allows access to the slide-out plastic pan in your crate for easy removal and cleaning.


1. Dog crate cover transforms the dog crate into a comfy, cozy bedroom. It effectively reduces barking and relieves stress.
2. Dog cage cover is perfect for protecting wagging tails from painful injuries against metal bars.
3. Dog crate cover helps to prevent permanent tooth damage caused by chewing on wire crates. It also helps to prevent crate sores and entrapped paws.
4. The bumper of the wire pet crate cover is filled with allergy free and mildew resistant poly fiber, and it is machine washable.
5. Dog cage cover adopts durable canvas fabric with stylish patterns for selection.
6. Dog crate cover provides the pet with a relaxing environment to sleep while the owner is away.
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