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Rubber Toys

Rubber Toys


Yuanyang supplies rubber toys for dogs, cats, birds and other pets. Our pet toys are designed specifically for pets to play with. Dog toys come in many varieties, including dog bones, puppy toys, balls, tug toys, training aids, squeaky toys, discs and frisbees, plush toys, and sticks.


1. Yuanyang rubber toys feature maximum strength and durability.
2. Available in a variety of shapes and styles for all sizes of dogs, rubber dog toys are great for both indoor and outdoor play.
3. Rubber dog toy is made from natural rubber. Natural rubber-made toys are safe and non-toxic.
4. Rubber pet toys are also easy to clean and fading resistant.
5. Rubber toy will snap back into shape time after time when squished and tugged.
6. Dog toys made from natural rubber are tough enough to withstand rough play.

Functions of Rubber Pet Toys

1. These toys also help keep dogs’ gums and teeth clean and healthy. In general, hard rubber bones and other latex rubber toys help promote dental health.
2. Rubber dog toys are great for dog entertainment. With these toys, dogs that are aggressive chewers have a safe way to satisfy their biting instincts.
3. Also, playing with different toys encourages exercise, which benefits the pet’s overall health.
4. Toys also stimulate dogs’ minds, and discourage problem behavior resulting from boredom and excess energy.
5. Rubber dog toys mean a lot for puppies. For instance, puppies need rubber toys they can chew on when they are teething because their gums and jaws become very sore and chewing on things provides them relief.


1. When choosing a rubber toy, it is important that pet owners choose those made with non-toxic materials.
2. Dog owners should avoid giving their dogs objects with small parts that could be chewed off and ingested.
Nantong Yuanyang Leisure Products Co., Ltd. is engaged in designing, producing and selling various pet products. Our products like dog crates, bird cages, rabbit cages, rubber pet toys (rubber dog toys), etc. are sold to dozens of countries and regions, such as Europe, America, Australia, Japan, Korea, South Africa, Middle East, etc. Besides, Yuanyang has establishes stable and permanent business relationship with more than 200 companies in over 30 countries and regions all over the world.
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