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Parrot Cages

Parrot Cages


Parrot cages are specially designed for beautiful and colorful parrots. Unlike the common bird cage, these parrot houses are larger in size and much more spacious. Generally, several parrots can be bred together in one cage. The distance between iron rails should be larger as possible, but it should also be narrow enough to prevent injury if bird tries to escape. Bird’s head should not be able to fit between bars.


1. Plastic tray on the bottom of parrot cages can be pulled out so that cage cleaning work is easy.
2. Cups for containing food and water are equipped.
3. Large opening doors make it convenient to let parrots exit and enter in.
4. Wood perches offer places to parrots for rest.
5. Top carry handles are designed for these parrot houses.
6. They are available for accommodating not only parrots but also birds similar in size.
7. We offer multiple parrot cages which are different in shapes and sizes.
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