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Dog Cots


Instead of having to lay on hard and cold floor, your dog can stay on this elevated pet bed. It is made of breathable knitted fabric. Not only this fabric dog cot is very comfortable, it is also fleas, mites and mold resistant. Relaxing by the pool or in the backyard, your dog will love this coolaroo elevated dog bed. You can also carry this pet bed when you go camping.


1. This pet bed is available in variety of sizes to accommodate your dog.
2. The fabric dog cot is easy to maintain and clean. You just need to spray the bed with a hose and mild soap.
3. Coolaroo elevated dog bed is made of durable water resistant fabric and solid and durable steel frame.
4. Cross bars allow for a greater degree of rigidity in frame.
5. Unique coolaroo breathable knitted fabric keeps pets comfortable.
6. This large steel framed pet bed can be folded for easy storage when not in use or traveling.

Fabric Dog Cot Installation

Assembling coolaroo elevated pet bed can be a bit tricky, you need to make sure that all bolts loose right up to warp the frame slightly. For the last bolt, you need to ensure only the other 3 legs touch the floor (use your foot or bulky phone books), keep that last leg up several inches to relieve the stress in the fabric. Then tighten the last bolt to hold the entire frames all together. Now, place down all four corners down on the floor and into alignment, stretch the cover a bit before you tighten all the bolts.
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