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Bird Cages

Our birdcages can give your friend a spacious, comfortable and stylish home. As we know, there is nothing like the song of a happy pet bird to brighten a pet parent’s day. These tasteful bird cages are specially designed to meet the needs of your pet cockatiel or parakeet. Besides, pet birds are most likely to feel happy and healthy when they have plenty of room to spread their wings, hop around and play with toys and treats. Birdcages provided by us are very spacious for your pet birds to move around. Several perches are offered as resting spots. Besides, large entry doors allow you to easily and safely take the pet birds out of the bird cage.
Types of Birdcages
1. Wire Bird Cage
2. Bamboo Bird Cage
3. Wire Parrot Cage
1. Birdcages are equipped with two covered food/water cups. The cup covers help prevent waster or feathers from contaminating the food or water.
2. Two small doors allow you to clean and refill the cups without worrying about pet escape.
3. Pull-out tray makes cage cleaning work more convenient.
4. Tasteful ranch style roof can decorate your home exquisitely.
5. Our birdcages are ideal for accommodating parakeet, cockatiel, etc.
As specialist pet cage manufacturer in China, Yuanyang has self-managed right for export and import. At present, the company has established international marketing network. Our company establishes stable and permanent business relationship with more than 200 companies in over 30 countries and regions all over the world. Additionally, our products, including birdcages, are sold to dozens of countries and regions, such as Europe, America, Australia, Japan, Korea, South Africa, Middle East, etc.